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November 2019 Updates

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

An amazing discovery made by archaeologists uncovers a 2,000-year-old street in Jerusalem built by Pontius Pilate. The magnificent street -- 600 meters long and approximately 8 meters wide -- was paved with large stone slabs, as was customary throughout the Roman Empire. The researchers estimate that some 10,000 tons of quarried limestone rock were used in its construction, which would have required considerable skill. The opulent and grand nature of the street coupled with the fact that it links two of the most important spots in Jerusalem -- the Siloam Pool and Temple Mount -- is strong evidence that the street acted as a pilgrim's route.

The map shows the dotted lines of the street found in the City of David. Other pictures show the current work made by an archaeologist who is busy excavating in the ancient street of Jerusalem. Pipes are inserted on the temp walls of the street to bring in fresh air while removing the dusty area of the excavation site. We hope within a few years’ time tourists all over the world will walk the streets used by ancient pilgrims making their way to worship at the Second Temple and perhaps the 3rd / 4th Temple in near future.

Have a beautiful day.

Mike “The Digger” John

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