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November 2020 Updates

Tiny First Temple Seal Impression Found With Name of Bible-Era Royal Steward

In 2013 archaeologist discovered a First Temple seal impression in the City of David’s sifting project of a minuscule 7th Century BCE clay sealing reading “Belonging to Adoniyahu, the Royal Steward.” In earth excavated from the foundations of the Western Wall under Robinson’s Arch, a national service volunteer unearthed the one-centimeter inscribed letter sealer bearing the ancient Hebrew name of a character found several times in the Hebrew Bible, Adoniyahu, literally, “The Lord is my Master.” (In English translations of the Bible, the name is written Adonijah.)

According to archaeologist Eli Shukron, this inscription is unique and “of utmost importance.” The role of the Royal Steward (Asher al Habayit), he said, appears several times in the Bible and is used for the highest-level minister in the royal court. For example, the title of Royal Steward was used in the Book of Genesis for Joseph’s high-powered position in Egypt. The inscriptions are not just another discovery but they paint a much larger picture of the era of biblical Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible.

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