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September 2020 Updates

A Magnificent Palace Discovered In Jerusalem

The discovery by Israeli archaeologists is, what they say, evidence of a "magnificent" palace from the era of a Biblical Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem. It was dated between the years of 8th and 7th Century BCE. Elaborately carved stone structures and other relics aligned with such a building were found about 3km (2 miles) south of Jerusalem's Old City. The picture below shows the remnants of the building that would have once topped a giant structure. The column capitals, identified with royal construction of the First Temple period (10th – 6th Century BCE), are the most beautiful and impressive that have been uncovered to date.

Upon discovery which has greatly surprised many archaeologists that two of the three capitals were found "neatly buried, one on top of the other." Professor Yaakov Billig, director of the excavation said the way in which the stones were found has perplexed researchers. The grand building was probably destroyed during the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 586 BCE.

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