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Big News!!


It is my dream to create an open-air archaeological museum on the African continent that will surely be a world-class facility for all international guests. The goal of the open-air archaeological museum is to educate people concerning the history and culture of biblical times. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the artefacts from 2400 B.C.E to the Roman Era (the time of Jesus). The various strata in the dig will reflect the different periods in Israel’s history, with replicas of pots, shards, ancient dye vat, beehives, coins, etc., plus many items that reflect Israel’s history in the land. The museum also demonstrates to visitors the kind of work that archaeologists do in Israel. They spend their days studying artefacts and trying to piece the past together. 

Construction Updates: Date: 15 November 2019

So far, we have now erected the ancient gates of biblical times used in the bible. We are working hard over the weekends to have it completed before the end of the month. Sometime in December, we will have the walls painted in typical Canaanite style, with the main entrance painted in Roman stone paving with two biblical mosaics on the side of the pathway. We also started working on our new exhibit, the ancient Galilean Synagogue where our future mosaics will be laid on the floor. Have a beautiful day.

Mike, “The Digger” John. 


















During the festive season, we have been working hard to replace the old information boards with new metal boards in the museum which was donated to us a few months ago. We are indeed grateful for the gift! Praise God! We have started to work more on the Ancient Galilean Synagogue which will take a few months to complete. Also, we have started to create a new platform next to the synagogue for a future exhibit, Salem Sifting Project that will invite everyone to come and participate in an hour program scratching each buckets of earth that is sifted containing importance fragments of pottery, stone vessels, ancient coins, various pieces of jewelry, a rich assortment of beads, terracotta figurines, arrowheads, and other weaponry, weights, Roman dice, furniture decorations, ornaments, and bone tools, etc. This program is similar to the Temple Mount Sifting Project in Jerusalem that will give everyone an opportunity to experience archaeology in Israel. The sifting work does not require physical exertion during the summer season.












Have a blessed 2020 season!

Mike “The Digger” John